B.Tech*/M.Tech programs in flexible time shifts** (2024 Batch) | *For lateral entry only.| Notification Last Date of Admission 31 May 2024

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2 Years


Passed B.E. or B.Tech in the relevant discipline.

Fee 38,500

Per Semester

Course Overview

M.Tech for Working Professionals under the School Of Engineering is a flexible time shifts** postgraduate program which imparts advanced skills and knowledge in the field in which the professionals are working. This program is specifically tailored for working professionals who seek to enhance their career prospects by acquiring specialised expertised in their field of work.

Shri Venkateshwara University (SVU) offers various specialisations for the M.Tech for working professionals for them to choose based on their interests. Following are all the specialisations offered for the M.Tech for working professionals program:

  1. M.Tech in Computer Science Engineering
  2. M.Tech in Civil Highway Engineering
  3. M.Tech in Civil Environmental Engineering
  4. M.Tech in Civil Structural Engineering
  5. M.Tech in VLSI Engineering
  6. M.Tech in Electrical Power System Engineering
  7. M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering

The typical duration of an M.Tech program is two years, but the School Of Engineering for M.Tech for working professionals extends the duration to 2 years. An additional semester is included in the program to focus on practical aspects of the curriculum. The program has been meticulously designed to cater to individuals with work commitments, enabling them to enhance their careers without having to quit their jobs.

The postgraduate program is tailored for professionals who are already employed in the field and possess relevant experience. This course offers an opportunity for these individuals to gain expertise in specific domains and enhance their career prospects.

Shri Venkateshwara University's School Of Engineering for M.Tech for working professionals is recognized and approved by AICTE, making it valid across India. The university adheres to all the norms outlined in the Approval Process Handbook.

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Programme Highlights

  1. The School Of Engineering for M.Tech for working professionals spans over Four semesters and aims to augment the knowledge and sharpen the existing skills of professionals already employed in their specified fields. The program builds a robust intellectual foundation in contemporary technologies, with a particular emphasis on specific domains and their practical applications.
  2. To be eligible for the program, the applicant must hold a B.E./B.Tech degree in the relevant field. Additionally, the applicant should have a minimum of two years of full-time work experience in the relevant field from a registered government or autonomous organisation, company, educational institute, industry, or firm.
  3. Upon completing the program, the degree obtained is valid for jobs across all sectors and throughout the country, as the course is approved by AICTE.
  4. The course is conducted in a hybrid format, which includes online classes and in-person classes held at the campus during evenings, weekends, and holidays. Once the live classes are completed, recorded video classes are accessible through the Learning Management System (LMS) for unlimited viewing. Labs are conducted on campus every Saturday, or they can be accessed remotely through virtual simulations.
  5. Virtual and remote labs with simulations are accessible 24/7, providing students with real-time practical lab experience. These labs can be accessed remotely, enabling students to gain exposure to real-world scenarios beyond regular lab hours.
  6. The students' performance is continuously evaluated through various learning pedagogy methods, such as sessional examinations, quizzes, assignments, practical sessions, and semester examinations. The assessment results are shared with the students to provide feedback on their performance.

Eligibility Criteria

Qualification :-

  1. Passed B.E. or B.Tech in the relevant discipline.
  2. Must have a minimum of two years of full-time work experience in a registered workplace in the relevant industry.
  3. The program is designed for individuals who already possess relevant expertise and are seeking to acquire a full range of skills in critical industry-related areas.

Age Criteria :-

  1. There is no age restriction for the program.
  2. It is suitable for individuals who are passionate and driven to advance their careers by acquiring a comprehensive understanding of engineering principles and fundamentals.

Programme Curriculum

Programme duration :-

  1. The program has a total duration of 2 years, divided into four academic semesters.
  2. The course curriculum consists of theoretical coursework and virtual labs, where experiments are conducted remotely using simulations.

Fee Structure

  1. Course Fee/ Semester - ₹ 36,000
  2. Exam Fee/ Semester- ₹ 2500
  3. Registration Fee (One Time)- ₹ 5000
Job Roles
Project Manager Research & Development Manager
Data Analyst Software Developer
Consultant Professor/ Teacher
Product Manager Technical Writer


Yes, working professionals are allowed to pursue the M.Tech course under the School Of Engineering. The M.Tech for working professionals program has been crafted specifically for people with jobs so that the course curriculum does not affect their work commitments.

Yes, the M.Tech for working professionals courses that are offered by Shri Venkateshwara University (SVU WILP) are totally valid as they are all recognised and approved by AICTE.

An M.Tech for working professionals course provides you with deeper knowledge and practical insights into your field of specialisation. The expertise that you gain through this program helps you grow better in your career and since you do not have to leave your job, pursuing this course is definitely worth it as you are getting experience and knowledge at the same time.

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